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  Empresa Peruana dedicada a la exportación de lana Ovino & fibra de Alpaca


The alpaca fiber is classified considering:

  • Fineness
  • Length
  • Resistance
  • Color

The longer than 6 centimeter length alpaca fiber is used in the combing process when the TOPS are obtained. the less than 6 centimeter are used for carding and semi combing.
The alpaca fiber washing process is done in the same washers for wools, but it must be considered a less concentration of industrial soap due to the minimum amount of grease contained in the fiber.

Our wool is tested by SGS Wool Testing Service International LTD. in United Kingdom with the ASTM, regulations allow this whereas the IWTO regulations .
More Information

The test result show yield,combing, diameter fiber, colour base, vegetable matter.

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